Natura Cavall (Manacor)

The coast of Mallorca has some little known, beautiful and wild beaches, coves and paths. All our horses love a good swim in the sea to feel healthy and cool all day long, especially in the summer months when it gets quite hot here on the island. Large areas of the coast are backed by wild pine trees, juniper forests and protected sand dunes.
We offer tours of 2-3 hours duration

Buggy- mallorca adventure. ( Palma, poligono Son homs)

Buggy Polaris 2 or 4 pax , to show the island from its most underestimated side. The center of the island stands out for its scenic diversity. Shimmering salt marshes, fertile stretches of land and rocky mountains offer all kinds of variety during the trip. We show you beautiful hidden corners, but also Mallorca in a 360-degree view. For more detailed information about the route and the places and landscapes we pass through.
Approximate time 3 to 4 hours.

Diving virgin coves (Palma beach)

The feeling of being able to glide weightless as in space, or to stay underwater as long as you want... to experience the world from a completely different perspective... All this we offer you during a test dive!
For many, it is the dream of flying that comes true underwater. Try it out, under optimal conditions, with us in one of the most beautiful dive sites in Mallorca.
Time approx. 3 hours.

Tennis and paddle tennis (Inca)

At 5 km from the hotel you can enjoy some fabulous sand tennis courts or play some paddle tennis in some fabulous paddle courts, recently renovated the enclosure with the possibility of private lessons or to play a few games with friends is ideal to spend 1 hour doing a sport near the hotel with friends or family.

Bicycles for rent (hotel)

Rental of fabulous bikes, new service we offer at the hotel with the possibility of renting electric bikes or training bikes, to ride along the old roads that connect the villages or to explore the rural environment near the hotel, the rental can be from 1 day to more days, more information in the accommodation.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.